Asked some people in a twitch stream for suggestions, and I got the Cube, and a Chubby Red Dragon. Sadly, one overcame the other :(

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The sketch really bothered me so I decided to make a digital version of it. Slightly modified, and then poorly rendered in 3D.

I'm not sorry for the title's pun.

Was watching something that reminded me of James Bond, which reminded me of Casino Royale, and I decided to sketch a little poker chip. This could also be titled "Leon can't draw circles"

I welcome the sweet release of death! 😀

...plan to color this another day... maybe watercolor?...

Will we see color tomorrow?! Tune in next time!

I feel like I pigeon-holed myself into tomorrow's drawing...

Started penning out a little chibi Squall for another pathtag design.
Base art's from World of Final Fantasy.

Need to catch up on the newer books in Saga...

The kid takes a moment to sketch a portrait of a time before The Calamity...

Go check out the first episode of Unicorn: Warriors Eternal -- the dude who made Samurai Jack made it.

Some very late night sketchin' for your viewing pleasure.

Author's Note: I'm running low on my little NVIDIA post-its! 😭

He looks so grumpy, sorta like the pixel dudes from Aqua Team Hunger Force?...


*this sketch is definitely not related to any reasons why I didn't submit something until 3am...

Was trying to see if I could use Illustrator, and the gradient mesh tool... and it was a nightmare. Hated this but don't have anything else to offer

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