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Large birds, small birds, baby birds.

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Last day of bird streak dedicated to the ultimate bird

a seagull?? definitely?? (now to figure out why my scanner has a line going across the image) [ref]

I drew a snowy owl today, on paper. Then i accidentally spilled ink all over it.

So here's a raven's silhouette instead (ref from photo)

A submission for Bird streak 6

the quality really takes a swan dive when i just post pictures from my phone

i should really go back and fix all the ones i've done like that


A submission for Bird streak 6

Well... it looks more like an eagle now.

It was modified from the eagle I drew before.


A submission for Bird streak 5

Tried to draw a bird, which is an eagle. The result looks strange.

Perhaps I will improve it on the next submission.

a seagull?? maybe??

Challenged myself to draw road runner in an original pose (without ref). Going further out of my comfort zone :)

Tried painting immediately with color this time, no sketch.


Tried something a bit different (ref from photo)

is it a raven or is it a crow? i guess that's a matter of a pinion.

bock bock

(no reference 100% from Memory Of Youth)

i can't believe i almost forgot to draw today

a little bird that's about as awake as i am at this point

Very tired, so just a simple pencil sketch today (from life)

too sleepy for a proper bird tonight

a sandhill crane on a cloudy day.

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