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365 days of daily art starts February 1st. Because Streak Club wasn't quite ready on January 1st, we're having a warm-up month. Same rules as the big one: just submit at least one art every day. Don't worry about 100% in the warmup.

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I've been reading some Arthurian legends recently...

A submission for Daily Art Warmup 30

It's Friday and I've put together a Playlist of some of the stuff I've listened to this week:

Had fun making the building yesterday, so today for warmup I decided to build some trees around it.

This is the first frame of a scorpion walk cycle I will be making. I've been wanting to pick up drawing for a while, and conveniently I took on this project at work today (usually I work with JavaScript and other web languages, this is the first time I've ever had to draw for work). I began a version with shading/digital painting, but after realizing I should keep it simple since I'll be animating it (never mind the fact that I'm trying to hide the fact that it's amateur to the client), I decided to keep it simple

After looking at many pictures and videos, I began this by tracing a picture I found. I changed the body and tail shape, as well as color, to make it look more like the appropriate kind of scorpion (the image I used was a different kind that was much fatter, especially in the tail).

The final product will be reduced to 50% to 33%, which gives it a much cleaner look.

this time with a tablet. what even is a thing.

Feeling nervous...

A submission for Daily Art Warmup 29

Hey! Looking forward to the 2015 daily art streak (and a bit scared of it).


A submission for Daily Art Warmup 29

New sketchbook! Sketch in progress

I've wanted to play with 'voxel' style art for a while now, and recently got a copy of Qubicle 2, so I'm going to try and spend some time each day working on small models in it as my warmup. This is my first one, just a little highrise. I don't love the windows but it's tough when you can't add more detail. Maybe a different color would have worked better?

Not sure if 'works in progress' are permitted but here is my mini sampler!

Played some Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and wanted to make some minimalist isometric tiles. May expand on this more later seeing as it was fun.

1 minute sketches from posemanics

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