Started 211 days ago (2020-01-05T22:00:00Z).
Ends 148 days from now (2020-12-30T22:00:00Z).

Compose and produce a new piece of music each week. Your submission is due every Sunday at 23:59 UTC. You should aim for at least one minute of music, and should be created that week.

Late submissions: Late submissions are open. If you miss a deadline you can still submit by clicking the week on the calendar to the right. If you submit late, your post will get a big Late tag, but it will still count for your streak.

(Description lifted from Leafo's 2017 description--thanks, Leafo!)

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too lazy to record so it's a voice memo

A submission for Weekly Music 2020 30

wip of something I started

uncut blah from a jam due to time constraints :p

First time using an actual IRL keyboard to make on of those weekly challenge. (I'm no pro) Almost in time! This is also the first time I have a late submit... I had a rough week :(

I'm doing 21 days of vgm; this is day 2.

!(Positive vibes)

jammed on a pattern from a while ago with current setup

I tried a quiet one this time around

A submission for Weekly Music 2020 24

Wanted to make a 2 minute jungle theme loop in less than an hour so I did. Not mixed outside of little edits post process.

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