Started 7 years ago (2017-03-01T03:00:00Z).
Ended 6 years ago (2017-04-30T03:00:00Z).

No matter your tools, just produce something that loops. Take pictures, draw pictures, edit videos, program loops, just create something!

Most loops are gifs and without sound, but in true demo-style ones with sound are appreciated too.

in the past some of us have created small toolkits to 'write' gifs as programs:

Some other projects from around the web that may be relevant:

On the non-programming side, regular graphics and video editing tools should be useful (Gimp, Inkscape, Blender, Adobe PS, AE, Animate...).


Some subreddits that are relevant: has seen two of these streaks before, so check them out for some inspiration, too:

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Another quick PureData experiment.

I'm getting more comfortable with it but it's still very hard to build something I plan beforehand.

1 download

Diamond/shard shape with a little bit of particle system flavour. Instanced drawing of the particles is good but I'm not sure if it's faster to send the transform per instance or do the vertex transform work on the GPU. Either way, this one is done on the GPU because I hadn't done it that way before.

I recently got an oscilloscope and have been all over Oscilloscope Music.

I'm just getting started with PureData, so this is far from amazing but it is quite fun to play around with (and of course it looks cooler on a real oscilloscope).


Random vertices on a disk and a sphere, joined to their closest relative, then interpolated between the two states, rotated.


A submission for Weekly Loop 3 6

three versions of very simple monochromatic things in a square grid + a glitched bonus gif.

welp, there goes the streak; i could blame going on holiday but really I totally would've had the time to do it.

Wrote some code for polyhedron subdivisions and wireframe geometry for webgl.

This was more trouble than I thought it would be because I really wanted the edges to interlace.

Shader-based generation of the terrain. Quick and dirty 3D noise + domain warping. Just for fun. Realtime is a little different each time.

A submission for Weekly Loop 3 3

A wireframe mesh transformed by 3D perlin noise. The realtime demo is a little different every time.

I made this in week #2 but i forgot to submit it.

I was studying for a networking contest at my school.

This was made with GLC.

alright, lets try weekly loop again. the last thing I added to loops library was a model loader so here's a model with the faces broken apart

for my mom's birthday - don't tell her yet, theres a couple minutes left!

did the low-poly in inkscape and wrote some simple XML processing to get the paths out of the SVG file.\

Source on github: goldfish/init.moon

Some simple rectangles drawn in polar coordinates. The math breaks down toward the centre of the animation but I actually like the effect. Colour palette is Kiss The Clouds.

i've seen the general idea done a couple of times, but this was a nice exercise in geometry.

I'm pretty sure theres a better way of constructing the outer polygon from one of it's vertices and the edge angle, but I'm just rotating it back and translating to get it to stick vertex-to-vertex which feels kind of weird (and unreadable).

Source on github (moonscript)

Simple regular polygons, arranged and animated in a (hopefully) pleasing way. Colour palette is "Paradise Wedding."