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must go to bed earlier

grinding 4-6 color palette creation

from 100 alcohol markers. 30 was too dark didnt pop off the black lines. 70 colors. for greens might have 10 greens some are more green-blue some are more green-brown some are lighter green some are darkergreen. thing with the palettes i want is i want 4 to 6 colors per palette where each color is unique enough from all other colors in palette. this is easy to do in programming if each color has an 'array' (list) a list of colors its TOO similar to... only tricky part is 70 * 69 colors is 4,830 combinations. so need to draw a lot of colors on the page to create array of similar colors for each color, yellow prob gonna look too similar to light yellow, recently i found grey look too similar to magenta

once i have it coded in arrays for each color i can create randomizer and it might spit out half-decent color palette every 2/3 runs of script.

i think this is halfdecent way of creating color palettes for specifically... 4-6 colors where u have fixed-e.g. 70 colors. might be slightly relevant concept for ppl who work in low poly or pixel art. pick 70 colors and painstaking create array for each color where if its too similar to another color it doesnt get selected in color-palette-randomizer generator. idk why the im always talking about randomizer JUST IF I LOOK AT A BOX FUCKING OF 70 MARKERS I CANT PICK 5 RRRRAAAAAANNNNNDOOOOOM markers every time but that just randomizers are pretty lit wig why so aggressive idk why is this page turn into useless tutorial page rip i use to talk about fun stuff lizard ppl

heres a random blob of color~ gotta start doodlin in the mornings again

No clue what this "tattoo" type of art is - just decided to mimic it :P