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A submission for Daily Art Club

working on some monster designs for something!

wrapping up the input chains i mentioned ages ago

im back to working on input chains. if anyone was interested in that concept, i have a 1000 line version of the training game im using. its just the old code with me going in for 20 minutes and cutting out a bunch of it and tacking on a training game, but maybe its easier to read than the (4000?) line old version. pretty much im building and learning muscle memory for a simple 4bar drum inputter for ableton. mostly based on 4 presses for each index finger, always swapping left-hand to right hand. i might add a bit more than 4 presses for each hand for lower percantage presses (<5% presses etc.) and then hopefully extending it out from there to do enough in ableton to write full edm tracks. or my elbows explode and i have to switch into writing it for talon voice-to-text input software. anyway im probably not going to talk anymore about these input chains. i might keep using them might not. dont know. theres some post where i talked about them for 30+ comments, about an hour long-read in one of the posts i made if anyone wants to know more.

heres a link to the 1000 line partial training game for simple drum inputter, i just uploaded:
this might be easier to look at than 4000 lines if you wanted to build your own input system in ahk/take the same concepts into another programming language. it has a basic training game hooked in/tacked on, where gdip displays a rectangle on the screen and you have to type in the correct 16th. (4 bars of music = 64 16ths). but i mean you could do it different... you could do 8 bar sections and then theres 64 8ths or 128 16ths....) eh ffs idk how to explain all this. the training game, i run the script then i open up ableton so i have the ableton 4bar grid so i know which rectangle im meant to be inputting. since that gdip garbage stays on top of all windows. then i type whatever 3press combination for the 16th the game has generated. if i get it right, it creates a new random option from the 64 possible options. if i get it wrong, it moves back to main layer automatically, ready to attempt typing in the correct sequence again. spacebar can be used at any time in this build to go back to main layer, e.g. in case any erroneous presses were made, or just if you come back to keyboard and want to make sure youre starting off any press from main layer every time etc

cant figure out how to link to the post where i talked for an hour about them. it was the post on 2023-02-08 where i mostly talked abou the input chains ideas

yea so im not really going to talk about these input chains anymore. theres enough info if you want to build your own input system now i think. i mean personally i think the image with the thing about the dog and the fish and the mammals or whatever was enough information to go off so uploading code is just waste of time really

made a beat and drew a picture

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