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A submission for Daily Art

Expanding some of the older images, so I can use them for a short Death Trash "images with text" intro.

A submission for Daily Art

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Here's an alternate pose of Kaze with a cloverleaf from last time

A submission for Daily Art

I played a bunch of dating sim apps on my phone today and....yeah. Most of them are bad, lol. It’s really hard to find romance that wasn’t written to appeal to kids under 17 years old

Woke up very early and banged out all 100 figures today for once. Onward!

This is me in 2012. I think I'm going to us this guy in a future game as like a cult leader of sorts. I went to the dollar store one day and just grab the mask for no reason a bought it. We would put them on and become different personas of sort and this guy here is called Jeramy Pippin. This was back when I smoke weed to so.......any way this guy has stuck to me and there a many story's he has about the past. He is and can me quite the character.