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Drew some of monkey from one piece and try to make some item icons.

Here is were old larry lives and breaths the blade. Waits for his next victim to come to grab the sword and brave there adventure.

Tried to draw something random.

Tried my hand at some pixel animation practice again. Could really figure out an attack thing for it. Also drew Clancy and baby Finn and an animal crossing character from Really like her stuff.

Tried plugging in a toaster on Saturday and got a good zap from it so here is some noses

Took a stab a simple goblin creature animation.

One year ago?... I was trying to get better at art/drawing but got to suck into programming and now I feel it is time to get good. I have been working on a little prototype RPG more myself and want to get better a pixel art. Here is an attempt at an 8 point character.

making a test room for quest/dialog test

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