Submissions from 2018-01-23 to 2018-01-24 (20 total)

i've been doing a thing recently where i try to watch/listen to something new everyday's been working out pretty well. i listened to an entire album by an artist today and i was pleasant surprised and punched in the feels

A submission for Daily Art

I meant for this to be a title card kinda thing, but it kind of morphed into a landscape or sorts. I'm not good at landscapes.

I had a job interview today. I am cautiously optimistic about the result, I think it went well, but I'll find out in a few days time.
Spent the past few days dealing with some nonsense with my domain. I've renewed it, but my host is having trouble with that process. They told me to keep an eye on the ticket related to this issue and it should be resolved. It better, I cannot lose my domain.

pretty tired today, so a quick one.... waves dont look terrible but i think i need more practice animating them

Trying to mine some Garlicoin, not that I'll make any money but it's fun. I decided to do the logo in pixel art.

30 min - 15 min. Original: Photo reference from internet

A submission for Daily Art

Draw a Box, lesson 1, part 1, exercise 3: ghosting planes.

1 hour or training.

next steps: make a handle
better shading, lighting