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haha i have such little patience for drawing today

Spent today hanging with Penbee and preparing for tomorrow's interview. Wish me luck. Onward...

A submission for Daily Art

Had a pretty busy day today, I only took 20 minutes before bed to train my drawing skills.

Again, Draw a Box exercise: ghosting lines.

You can tell I switched away from a mechanical pencil half way through this.


A submission for Daily Art

I tried out some different dithering methods again, but it looks terrible. I also want to get better at locating important parts in material studies, so that I can learn for myself instead of from tutorials.

A submission for Daily Art

Hello Im back! I started to miss this community and drawing everyday, and Im glad to see some familiar faces are still here :)

Legend says that years ago a scientist succesfully merged an airport souvenir and a living plant. This invention was deemed too dangerous by the goverment so he ran away and started living underground.
Some say that if you make loud noises near the right cave entrance you will hear a faint "bamba~" in the distance.

30 min - 15 min. Original: Photo reference from internet

„Die Bernsteinchroniken“ is a book series of the german author Karolin Löwenstein which I really like. :)