Submissions from 2018-01-09 to 2018-01-10 (23 total)

A quick rock formation. Suffered from a major headache last night so this is a late submit.

frustrated with everything right now


A submission for Daily Art

i did this for pixel dailies. they always seem 2 ignore me tho........


A submission for Daily Art

I'm still sick, but now I'm less sick.

More learning in Pro Motion NG, loving it so far. Moving stuff over to tiled to replace my programmer black and white art. I made my own Tiled Importer so tomorrow I'm probably going to play with throwing this into unity. Still new to pixel art so any tips are super appreciated.

I've been quite burnt out. I need to rest but for now... Onward...

I spent 30 minutes trying to draw a boulder, but it just ended up looking like starfox and again I need to use a crappy placeholder so crap. That's ok though, that's what practice is for.


A submission for Daily Art

Decided to give this a go. I wanted to start with something familiar so here's Major from Ghost in the Shell.

Proportions are awful and there are mistakes a plenty. This is ink only so I just rolled with the mistakes.

Couple traditional sketchbook pages today.

A submission for Daily Art

photo reference used

Sketch of Idris Elba from photo refernce