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A submission for Weekly Music 2016 8

I started doing a remake of Goblin Fort from Shining Soul 2, but the chords man. @_@ For my first remake (for practice), it might not have been the best starting point considering it had so much noise/artifacting due to the low quality so I can't even really hear what's going on properly, but oh well! I made some decent progress and I'm relatively proud of that.

But instead of that I'm going to post something entirely unrelated! kbye

A Day In Town.mp34mb

Game music loop made at Berlin Mini Jam.

I just watched two FL tutorials (one by rm2kdev and one by Schematist) so it's probably inspired by them.


Ok. Good.


A submission for Weekly Music 2016 8

was crunched for time on this one so very few lyrics. Really need to give up writings music and focus on lyrics first


My hands are numb
I've held on for to long