Submissions from 2021-07-26 to 2021-08-02 (10 total)

I worked on this one for maybe 3.5 hours which is significantly less than normal so it's a bit rushed, but I played around with layering stuff, and had more fun with arpeggios this week :P

A terrible weight presses on your mind, threatening to break through as you lose yourself to illusions and dark thoughts.

This was a song done with Eurorack modular, SWAM Violin with Linnstrument, and my voice. SWAM Violin was run through a gate on the Eurorack with Metropolix, which is something that I didn't even think about until I actually started, which is SUPER COOL and gives me a venue to try to perform more harmonic content with Eurorack that isn't just bass notes and drums.

The voice was a spontaneous decision and it's run through a bunch of software effects. In an ideal world, I'll do more than Ooohs and Aaaaahs, but also mix it such that it is blended into the rest of the song better with possibly some hardware vocal processing.

I'll be away from home the next two weeks or so and thought I should take this last chance to play live instruments before going full electro for the next three submissions. It started out with a bass line that could definitely have led to something darker but somehow turned out into something, well, different. The guitar (3 layers) is played through a Microcosm pedal and the rest is Wavparty drums samples. It was put together in a day and could use a lot of retakes, more variety, polishing and mixing.

Soundcloud for better quality:

I was looking to get a specific synth sound made from two parts...and I only kinda got it :)) Nevertheless I improvised electric guitar in B minor over this layer, as well as some easy drum part.

This track started as an experiment playing around with Poizone, one of the synths that come with FL Studio. I used also some vocal samples, which I modified with pitch shifter to be close to the main chords. I think the arps do that for me, but it always takes me back to playing the Wipeout video game, and I found this awesome sample pack of space ships flybys - I had to use it. :)

If you listen closely, there is also a saxophone along with the piano. :)

The title comes from the racing league in the Wipeout game.

Going forward I am going to try and give names to tracks. Let's see how long until I run out of ideas.

High quality on Soundcloud:

Also listen to the full stream of the jam session on Youtube:
Or a different mix on Soundcloud:

As I will be away from my usual gear for the next weeks while I'm moving, I tried to learn how to use Caustic on my Android phone to make this little track. While it's been around for a while, Caustic has a pretty decent user interface and some good sound engines too ! It was pretty fun, but I still need to play around with the app to understand it better.

A very late upload by my usual schedule (though not "late" for this streak). All the tracking took place this past weekend, but arrangement wasn't something I could get to until last evening. My usual method of working on these is this:

  1. put up a rhythm, and maybe add keyboards against it
  2. play bass or guitar against it to get some loops
  3. play guitar or bass against those to get more loops
  4. move those snippets around into a structure
  5. adjust levels, add automation/randomization, adjust sends, finishing touches

It was the same thing here, but the pieces weren't quite fitting together until fairly late. Some of the not-quite-fitting might be from A/D latency, which seems to tack a bit higher than the setting when I first open Ableton. It's most notable on bass here, though I did warp some late notes into place when they seemed much later than "feel."

Drums: Ableton 64 Pad Kit Special, with Max Humanizer and 80-90% probability on most drum hits, though 1, 2, and 4 get 100%.

Keys: PureMagnetik Mark Two Berlin

Bass: 80s Epiphone Embassy II, with EQ-8 low-end reduction

Guitars: PureSalem Mendiola through Balls Effects KWB. One channel's mostly neck pickup with the other being mostly bridge.

Sends: Ableton Echo plugin and convolution reverb (BM7 Clear Ambience) with high-pass Auto-Filter in front.

Wide & Warm preset audio effect rack on the stereo output

Title comes from radio emissions from an unknown object in M82.

finishing up my little EP sized collection of vaguely "early industrial" homage tracks.

one has a bit of maybe stoner metal in it, and the other was probably influenced by my partner spinning a Cure playlist the other day (the arp at least)

lyrical nod to Murder, inc in "subliminal prototype"