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This track started as an experiment playing around with Poizone, one of the synths that come with FL Studio. I used also some vocal samples, which I modified with pitch shifter to be close to the main chords. I think the arps do that for me, but it always takes me back to playing the Wipeout video game, and I found this awesome sample pack of space ships flybys - I had to use it. :)

If you listen closely, there is also a saxophone along with the piano. :)

The title comes from the racing league in the Wipeout game.

I spent some time this week at polishing and finalizing a compilation of tracks I made for Weekly Beats last year and releasing them as an album on Bandcamp. You can check it there (it's free! :) )

So I did not get much time for a new track and went for a speed trash. This started with cool break beat samples and I added a few bass lines, arpeggios, and some Japanese percussions on top of it. Named after a PC game I used to play in the 80s., one of the first real 3d game. It was really impressive!