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I was watching the documentary about Billy Milligan, a criminal who allegedly had up to 24 personalities coming with his dissociative identity disorder. The documentary in itself is interesting but the soundtrack has really some great atmosphere and the banjo use in building a spooky vibe was really cool.

I then started on Saturday, took my guitar with a resonator from the wall. I have not heard enough banjo music to be able to catch the vibe of that kind of music but a couple of riffs appeared and i recorded them on my phone. Plugged that into FL studio, and started adding layers of drums, strings, static elements. Reused the Vintage Vocals sample pack from Splice (including samples of the Night of the Living Dead, which is now open source). And then added a couple of elements using the site to generate spoken voices by famous people (

This kinda reminded me of David Lynch's Lost Highway, a great dark movie from the mid 90s. It has an awesome soundtrack (Barry Adamson! Angelo Badalamenti! Trent Reznor! David Bowie!) and has sections of free jazz with atonal saxophone. I went for more samples from splice, rearranged them and put layers here and there.

Here you go. I like the general moodiness of the track and the fact that the creation was really easy to go - it just flew with free association.

This track started as an experiment playing around with Poizone, one of the synths that come with FL Studio. I used also some vocal samples, which I modified with pitch shifter to be close to the main chords. I think the arps do that for me, but it always takes me back to playing the Wipeout video game, and I found this awesome sample pack of space ships flybys - I had to use it. :)

If you listen closely, there is also a saxophone along with the piano. :)

The title comes from the racing league in the Wipeout game.

I had a few ideas of tracks during this week but nothing that crystallized. Sunday night, with just a few lines. I listen to it. "sounds like elevator music".


Alright, let's make REAL elevator music.

Elevator, footsteps, and ambience samples from Splice. Sakura synth for the standup bass and a free library for the Saxophone. I am kinda happy with the saxophone, it sounds more natural than what I had managed in the past. Not exactly there yet, but dynamics, phrasing and reverb helped a lot.

Will try harder next week, I promise.