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I'm closing 2021 with a Lyra-8 jam I recorded in several takes and attempted to quickly glue together into a track.

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52 weeks! Thanks to everyone who submitted, listened and commented and thanks to @onezero for hosting the streak. I'm headed for a different project in 2022 and wish you all an amazing year.

I keep on unraveling this Lyra-8-based thematic streak. The process was different this week, though: I recorded and assembled parts in Ableton as I went. The result is more varied and polished but lacks the coherence and spontaneity I find the live takes I used as a base for the previous tracks had.

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Kind of a followup to last week's piece. After several experimentation sessions on the Lyra-8 over the last two days, I recorded this one live take using what I had found. No guitar or drums samples this time, just the Lyra and Valhalla Supermassive reverb.

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A noisy and messy, out of sync piece. I jammed on the Lyra-8 and added rythm guitar and percussions afterwards. A chaotic mess with some huge Lyra growls and screams. With more time and work, this kind of exercice could be turned into something interesting.

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Another track based on a Lyra-8 background, with bass, guitar and Wavparty samples for the drums. It could have used more variation and could have been a little longer but I ran out of time.

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After a few hours of experimenting on the Lyra-8 today, I compiled some patterns and techniques I stumbled upon while practicing into a one-take live track. The percussions are generated by the LFO as a mod source on the internal delay effect. A meditative experience.
No editing, just some sound shaping, reverb and mastering in Ableton.

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An unfinished attempt. Two bass takes, LABS drums and a minilogue xd synth to fill the void.


Running low on time, energy and motivation. This week is another minilogue xd track I complimented with Wavparty drums samples.
I have some catching up to do with last week's submissions. Cheers to all still going strong!

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Another piece put together on a sunday evening with the minilogue xd as source for the synth sounds and LABS for the drums. Not much inspiration for a track, let alone a title.

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I moved this week and the minilogue xd was the first instrument I got my hands on while rummaging through stuff to come up with a track today. This week's piece consists of three parts on the minilogue, using the synth's internal effects and shaping the sound / effects live as I recorded. It kind of grew on me.

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Only had a couple of hours this week and experimented with Ableton's arpeggiator on the minilogue xd. A bit of Wider, Valhalla Supermassive and voilĂ .

Another bass / drums / Lyra-8 combo (with a little help from the Microcosm pedal) for this extremely busy week.

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One more week with just a few hours over the weekend to put a track together.

I enjoyed playing the bass groove running with many variations over the piece against a somewhat generic Ableton drum rack. I tried to keep my drums evolving with the track and recorded the unmistakable Lyra-8 drones and short melodic spurts to add some depth and action.

I entered the weekend quite uninspired but had a good time with this one.

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EDIT: i had forgotten to master the track ! Now done and updated, here and on Soundcloud.

This track is nothing like I had planned. I was in a rush and designed a drum sound set on the Digitone (which you can hear in this track), planning to add some bass licks to make it a groove sketch and call it a day. After recording the bass, I ended up adding some layers of weird choirs and fluttering strings. The result is pretty weird and I think the intro sounds a lot like a track I made earlier this year.

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Buying a minilogue xd about 2 years ago was the reason I came back to playing music but I'd never used it in a track until this week. I gave it go today and this week's piece turned out just like what I imagined I'd play if I got a synth back then: some sort of arpeggiated saw synthwave-ish tune. All synth sounds are from the minilogue xd, drums samples are from Wavparty. It was tedious but I had a good time putting this together.

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Still not enough time to write and sing lyrics. Maybe I'll revisit this one because I think it could be a song. I started yesterday with the bass line from the intro and went from there over the course of the week end.
Hard to stay motivated in challenging times but I'm taking one week at a time to put more music composing / playing under my belt for the whole year and use the momentum to work on full-fledged songs in 2022.

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I sampled some Lyra-8, guitar and bass sounds to make this beat on the Digitakt. Recorded, added some effects and mixed in Ableton Live. Lacked time, motivation and energy this week. Good point was I worked mainly without a computer and had my hands on more instruments.

This week, I went for the Digitakt, which I hadn't used in a while. Oh, the sheer joy of making a beat on this box! This song is for my friend Toffge's birthday, hence the name and vocoder part. While the Microfreak was plugged in, I threw in a supersaw solo to lead the track out.

All sounds and patterns made on the Digitone. Played live and recorded in Ableton where I tweaked some parts a bit and added effects.

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I've had loads of fun designing the sounds for this track (FM scratch-like beat, anyone?) and worked a bit differently this week. I've tried to plan ahead how the soundset and patterns would be played live so every sound is played on one of the four Digitone tracks (one track has all the drums as step locks).
I captured the live playing (almost live, had to redo a bit) in Ableton and added some effects before mixing. It's still minimal pattern change / knob twisting but I had a good kick out of playing it.

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Still on holiday. I had already done some sound and pattern design on the Digitone and had planned to put something together today until the Digitone stopped working this morning. It made a clicky sound before refusing to boot again. I think what happened is the power adapter wiggled a bit in the socket as I moved the Digitone around and something went wrong.

I had Ableton and a few hours to save the streak. Needless to say this bit could use some more work. It's WavParty samples, Ableton synths and some plug-ins (Wider, Supermassive) to add some depth.

Later in the afternoon, I couldn't resist trying one more time to boot the Digitone. It works again! Apparently some sort of fuse/safety feature was triggered by the power issue. Pfewwww, what a relief.

Week one of three of making music on various bedtables and kitchen counters during family holidays. Four tracks of Digitone loosely put together in Ableton. Let's pack the gear again and move on to next week.

I'll be away from home the next two weeks or so and thought I should take this last chance to play live instruments before going full electro for the next three submissions. It started out with a bass line that could definitely have led to something darker but somehow turned out into something, well, different. The guitar (3 layers) is played through a Microcosm pedal and the rest is Wavparty drums samples. It was put together in a day and could use a lot of retakes, more variety, polishing and mixing.

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I stay on the sound experimentation path with this week's piece, consisting of two Lyra-8 (through Microcosm) live takes complemented by Wavparty samples for the beat.


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I'll be on the road in about two weeks and I'll bring the Digitone and my laptop to keep on submitting. Since I found myself not having anything before friday this week, I figured I might as well see how making everything (sound design, sequencing / pattern creation) on the Digitone in a limited time then play it live while recording in Ableton would fare. This is the result with a very short attempt at mixing. I'm just too tired and stressed out for that right now.

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