Submissions by Aletheia tagged post-rock-guitar

A gentle post-rock ish track in E minor. Not very apparent, but now I also experiment with different timed loops (like 8 bar motive versus 40 bar melody) to add even more variation on the repeats. The synth is sequenced with the Novation Launchpad Pro Mkiii.

I was looking to get a specific synth sound made from two parts...and I only kinda got it :)) Nevertheless I improvised electric guitar in B minor over this layer, as well as some easy drum part.

Continuing the post-rock exploration, further refinements based on suggestions from here (thanks!). The distorted guitar has less crunch and a bit more patterns for the drums (although still didn't get enough time to work on them), trying to get more thematic content despite the fully improvised manner. The key is B minor.

Continuing the post-rock impression I've played with integrating better switching from clean to distorted parts by changing the fading out time of the overdub on the loop.

As I said before I do my guitars in a single improvised take using looping, a sort of a challenge I took to overcome composing difficulties. In this case I set off an empty 8 bar loop and as it was going I dynamically adjusted the fade out time to better single out sections of the track.

There are still some glitches, especially towards the beginning, but still I like the result and how the technique develops.

This is quite a chill track with an electric post-rock vibe. Still some minor glitches in the setup but overall I am quite pleased with the result. The main melody is one improvised track (using the ever faithful looper) over which I added another clean layer, the distorted lead guitar, the bass, some subtle pad (Arturia MicroFreak) while the drums are still from the Rock Drum Machine app - still working on that aspect to find a midi workflow that doesn't make me draw each and every note but still feels more natural and has a better sound.