Submissions from 2021-07-12 to 2021-07-19 (11 total)

Went for something a bit beyond what I can reasonably manage to record in a week with good quality. My sweeps especially were a bit off, and most of the guitar parts could do with rerecordings. I tried to add some extra pads to the verse right at the end of making it, and my daw kept screeching to a halt so I canned them. I also ended up spending way more time trying to mix than I anticipated (and still didn't get time to properly mix the synths) and ran past the deadline. Ehhhh I'm just calling this one done for now.

More EDM practice - I am working on creating a template in Bitwig and continuing to learn how to use Bitwig features.

This is pretty unfinished, I spent a few hours on it. If you want to see the process, you can watch it on my stream:

This is an old jam of ours that I fixed up into a weird track. It reminds me of Grateful Dead for some reason, even though I have never really been into that band.

High quality on Soundcloud:

I'll be on the road in about two weeks and I'll bring the Digitone and my laptop to keep on submitting. Since I found myself not having anything before friday this week, I figured I might as well see how making everything (sound design, sequencing / pattern creation) on the Digitone in a limited time then play it live while recording in Ableton would fare. This is the result with a very short attempt at mixing. I'm just too tired and stressed out for that right now.

Not much time this week, took a sample pack from Wavparty, fed it to my Polyend Tracker and tried to build a basic song structure. I think it could be longer, but with some lyrics, as an instrumental it would probably be a bit boring. Mainly unfinished, but I like the chord progression.

This has part post-rock part folky vibes. I used both electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums & percussion and a little bit of voice. It is made for a friend as a birthday gift.

I had a few ideas of tracks during this week but nothing that crystallized. Sunday night, with just a few lines. I listen to it. "sounds like elevator music".


Alright, let's make REAL elevator music.

Elevator, footsteps, and ambience samples from Splice. Sakura synth for the standup bass and a free library for the Saxophone. I am kinda happy with the saxophone, it sounds more natural than what I had managed in the past. Not exactly there yet, but dynamics, phrasing and reverb helped a lot.

Will try harder next week, I promise.

A submission for Weekly Music 2021 28

I don't make beats but someone asked me to make a beat and it's kinda something?

more than a minute!!
not really a lyrical song but the lyrics:

talk for days when you're not sick and tired of me i'm
gone to waste and i'll just stay indoors
like this
even if it never ends
even if it never ends
even if it never began for me

it seems this week's episode of "crimes against beloved musical genres" targets early alt-rock

(my phone's music detection feature agrees, in so much that it basically accused me of plagiarism but hey...)

I'd thought I was going to do something more abstract this week, though my bass- and guitar-playing sessions ended up making it kind of funky. So it's a groove.

Drums: Ableton Fairfax kit, which sounds interestingly synthetic, but also has some impact. I added a touch of Max Humanizer and gave it some room-sized convolution reverb, and automated delay send on the 2 and 4.

Bass: 80s Epiphone Embassy II, on p-pickup. Low-end rolloff with EQ-8, and then another track also of bass, but in the higher register, with high-pass Auto-Filter with a bit of drive.

Guitar: PureSalem Mendiola on the bridge mini-humbucker, through Balls Effects KWB. One got room-sized convolution reverb send, and the other got a much larger hall send.

Title comes from the function of the old 80-type vacuum tube.