I don't make beats but someone asked me to make a beat and it's kinda something?

ncharlie2 years ago

Catchy! I like all the variation that keeps the core theme from getting stale.

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Just something short I made as a non-functional harmony plaything.

Something peaceful, as I felt as much lately. It translated to this.

I whipped something up really quickly and now I'm hungry from using my brain.

Legit not sure what this is but ok.

Very rough but eh.

Finishing things I started.

Still tossing things together over on this side, maybe it's interesting?

Second: here's a piece of something I started a few weeks ago but made some progress on.


sorry, am trying.

Forgot to submit my creation for last week so I'll do that hopefully tomorrow.

Started this and I am trying to use nicer sounds, though I do struggle with them. Currently comparing the sound without versus with the sustain pedal on the piano, thoughts?

What I'd forgotten to submit the other week. Just a short, cheerful loop. Might flesh it out.

This was an attempt at making something more fast paced. I think it is still quite slow, so I stopped and will try again with something else. It is not as high energy as I was wanting, but not terrible I suppose.

Been very busy with work so I'd forgotten to upload this work in progress that I started...

I'm still practicing, but I played a melody that I liked and ended up trying to play a harmony to go with it. I can't quite play intricate things, but I tried my best!
(The repeat bass was added later, of course it definitely can't be played in tandem with everything else)

Pardon my Scottish. Partially influenced by Anomalie.

Worked on the instrumental for a song I started writing a while back.
I really hate how the guitars sound but I'm not sure if that's just my guitar or the amp sim I'm using so I didn't touch it for now.

Something very short, not finished. Didn't spend a lot of time composing this week.

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