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A very uninspired track with no time. A full blown speedtrash this week! I hope to feel more inspired and creative next week.

I think there is an interesting idea in this track but unfortunately, It's only about 40% done. This is as far as i'll go this week, a track is a track.

I was stuck at Sagami station this Sunday for the whole day - without a computer and not even having started the track for the week. I therefore resorted to what I had in my pocket - my phone to record street sounds, Thai restaurant music, train station, a guy collecting money for cats, an Indian chef slapping the nans, etc. I added some drums and some arps and here you go. Put together quickly, super rough not only on the edges but really everywhere. It does not sound really good in any way, but I like that it will remind me of that day I spent, stuck in Sagami.

Another weird track. I was busy this week and could only start on Sunday morning. I had a riff, this was supposed to start as a stoner track, but then it went out and morphed, as I kept adding layers of noisy synths and textures.

This bears only a minimal resemblance to the original draft. There are a few sounds I like in this track, but I think it would deserve to be kept in the fridge for some time, and then be taken out and worked on again in the future. It might morph again.

After a few iterations, who knows, I might get a butterfly.

I had a few ideas of tracks during this week but nothing that crystallized. Sunday night, with just a few lines. I listen to it. "sounds like elevator music".


Alright, let's make REAL elevator music.

Elevator, footsteps, and ambience samples from Splice. Sakura synth for the standup bass and a free library for the Saxophone. I am kinda happy with the saxophone, it sounds more natural than what I had managed in the past. Not exactly there yet, but dynamics, phrasing and reverb helped a lot.

Will try harder next week, I promise.

I worked on a few different ideas this week but, for some reason, they did not seem to find their place. I ended up starting from scratch and going for a speedtrash. It's a short silly track with real bass and guitar for a change, and a lot of samples from Splice. I hesitated adding a sheep sample as well and it finally did not make it into the track. I keep it for the time I'll do a scottish disco track with bagpipe and sheeps.

Alright, I'll try harder next week.

I spent some time this week at polishing and finalizing a compilation of tracks I made for Weekly Beats last year and releasing them as an album on Bandcamp. You can check it there (it's free! :) )

So I did not get much time for a new track and went for a speed trash. This started with cool break beat samples and I added a few bass lines, arpeggios, and some Japanese percussions on top of it. Named after a PC game I used to play in the 80s., one of the first real 3d game. It was really impressive!

Here's a speedtrash. This started as a slightly funky track with bass and drums and then took a weird turn at a dimly lit crossroad into industrial/electro territory.
The core is around the bass, with only one take per riff, which explains the mistakes, the creatively inaccurate rhythm and just general amateurish sound.

I could use the excuse that I started a new job, was busy, was thinking of something else. But the truth is that I'm just lazy. Alright, will do better next time.

I also realized my numbering in my filenames is off by a week. Oh well.

It's already week 9, time flies! I enjoy listening to the range of music that the community produces, from jazz to video games music to goth wave. This is inspiring and motivating!

Here is a speedtrash that ended up a bit better than my usual speedtrash or even some tracks where I did spend some time (looking at you, Week 8 track!).

It is a pretty straightforward EDM + Guzheng (Chinese string instrument) + Travis Barker drums but it works. I learnt a couple of things when doing that track so it was really worth it in the end.

What I need to try out next time: start earlier in the week instead of waiting until Sunday morning to get started. The streak name is "weekly streak", not "Sunday streak".

This track is more the seed of what might become an interesting track. I lacked the time or to be honest the motivation to work properly on the track this week but I kinda like the main melody. There is this on-the-edge-of-cheesy synthwave melody that could be reused in something epic - this will be kept in the fridge until a better idea comes! Until that time, this is a speedtrash but a track is a track!

I used FLEX and Sytrus on this one, along with quite a few different Splice samples for the flute and the drums.