Submissions from 2015-05-27 to 2015-05-28 (6 total)

One minor flaw in mybacklog, is that I am not making any effort to detect when you have stopped playing a particular game. With all of the ways exe's are run, and the hoops that are sometimes jumped through with shortcuts and things, this is error prone. Even the big boys get this wrong sometimes (I've had issues occasionally with steam tracking my game time). Instead, I've opted to let the user record the stop game event. There have been a few occasions in the past year where I have forgotten to tell it that I stopped playing, and I had quickly implemented a notification that would ask you if you were still playing every so often. If you forget, you will get a reminder. But this is error prone too, and with some games (if they are running in a window for instance) the notification pops up over the game. Yuck!

I knew that was really just a stop gap anyway. I've implemented a few subtle, and less subtle, style changes when you play a game that should make it clear that you should click to stop playing before doing anything else, after your time of fun has concluded.

Barring further discovered issues, all that's left for an alpha release is to make a final decision on the app name and design/borrow a decent icon that fits. (The app name is littered throughout the code and I only want to change it once).

Minor changes today, some addition inside the level with new sprite added.

I wrote a fix for weird scaling of the menu background in the open source Trigger Rally.

I attached one example of a uber-widescreen resolution and an illustration of how the background textures is being used, depending on the aspect ratio.

A submission for Make games. 123

Tiny bit of game planning:/ but more chat features...

Most of today's streak was spent on research. I played a bit of Steredenn, which has sooo many cool little things, like the fact that the thruster of the player's ship does damage to enemies. I'm trying to keep the idea fairy at bay, but it's hard.

I've also consolidated some of my code into extensions, and things look a lot better now.