Minor changes today, some addition inside the level with new sprite added.

More submissions by Dexyne for Make games.

Another little update, with new sprites/objects added in the project and in the room (scene).

A finishing point too with a little message when the player go on it.

I need to work on a better collision system with some bouncing and add another room.

Small changes today and probably the same tomorrow.

The player move continuously in one direction now (like a runner), some objects were added and the player move slower.

So today comes with some changes.

Hard time with a simple collecting stuff... Work fine in a second level but not in the previous one. Not figuring out but as it work, it's ok for now. ^^'

Added a simple player death, need to work on some basic menu/GUI later.

Need to finish the collision stuff on others sprites.

So I continue my little game and the player can move now. But it's not exactly what I need, so I will update that.

I started some collisions work but not all tiles are working with them actually. Need updates too.

So I started a little and simple game with game maker to use my prototyping stuff.

Don't know why but I find Unity easier to take care of gravity and collisions... Maybe I'm just sleepy...

And so actually I have a little level with my "player" who do nothing. :x

Well, I'll continue it tomorrow so that he can move. :)

I'll try to make it in a week for the One Game a Week streak. :D

A really small update. =/

Hope I will find some time tomorrow.

So I continue my prototype stuff for 2D games.

I forgot that pixel art is not too much different with little details. So I think I will remove some similar stuff as it is not really usefull.

I try to make a little level in Game Maker to see how it renders. It's not so bad I think. :D

Wanted to draw a bit but drivers problems. Then need to reinstall them and too lazy to reboot my computer. XD

So I drew some – really – basic stuff to prototype some little 2D games.

As I don't have too much time I will add more content later, and after uploading the file I see that it's a bit crappy. =/

Make games.

Work on some aspect of a game, let's say 5 days a week.

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