Submissions from 2015-05-26 to 2015-05-27 (6 total)

A submission for Make games. 122

  • On first launch, user is forced to enter a filename for where to save the game database file.
  • Whenever the game path changes, the gamelist is reloaded to reflect the change

I'm working on my weekly game which is tentatively titled Spaceship. You play as a... well.. spaceship who has to fly around avoiding the things trying to kill you and blasting them to pieces with your guns. The game is going to autofire at the closest enemy which leaves the player free to dodge and move around. I'm thinking the enemies will also leave collectables. Depending on how much time I have I might add additional weapons you can purchase and give the player the ability to customize the way they aim (closest enemy, fastest enemy, highest HP enemy, etc). Then I'll give the player the ability to equip multiple weapons with different firing requirements to deal with the different types of enemies (A standard canon that fires at closest enemy, a quick firing laser that targets the fastest enemy and a slow moving missile that targets the strongest of slowest enemy, for instance)

I started coding today. I was half way through coding my weapons when I realized what I had actually done was started to recreate a component system, which Luxe has built in. So I backtracked on that and started using the components. Then I realized that my main ship class I wrote to encapsulate a bunch of data was actually an Entity with children system, which Luxe also has built in. So I backed all that code out and started using the Entity system. So I learned a lot about the framework but unfortunately didn't get a lot done on the actual code.

Oh well.

A submission for Make games. 122

Did a tiny bit of work on the game so I can post here, mostly been working on

This thing's is finally in \o/

I can't get LICEcap to remain at a decent framerate for some reason, but here's a gif.

So today comes with some changes.

Hard time with a simple collecting stuff... Work fine in a second level but not in the previous one. Not figuring out but as it work, it's ok for now. ^^'

Added a simple player death, need to work on some basic menu/GUI later.

Need to finish the collision stuff on others sprites.

I wanted to make a music loop by mixing multiple instruments I recorded and do I have a bad sense of tact! I learned that to compensate, I must use short clips for looping, as longer ones have too high variation in BPM to be acceptable hearing material.

Recorded with Zoom H2n, Mixed in Audacity. Preview made with sox/gnuplot.

I will probably use this in my next one-game-a-week.