A submission by Nico for Make games. 122

Did a tiny bit of work on the game so I can post here, mostly been working on https://aqueous-basin.herokuapp.com/

Nico9 years ago

@saluk yeah, if you include my non-game project, I've done more dev than ever pretty much, several solid hours of work that went somewhere each day, don't want to post that here though

saluk9 years ago

I only worked for 15 minutes, but I have an eye infection. Though I haven't worked on my main project in a couple weeks so there's that.

Nico9 years ago

@saluk nah, I did do almost an hour on the game, but not much changed, the chat is progressing far faster

saluk9 years ago

Gaming the system... it's a game within a game.

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A submission by Nico for Make games. 156

apple, would you mind not just changing up web standards when you feel like it, without any way out? thanks man I appreciate it.

A submission by Nico for Make games. 154

Status: apple sucks I hate apple (okok they have really good designers but apple sucks.)

A submission by Nico for Make games. 149

Hey, just popping in to say almost every empty day on my streak has actually been really productive work toward my site. We are currently in soft-launch, but you guys are welcome to come check it out and hang out. The amazingly professional looking website was done by a friend that I met through the site itself, and turns out to be a professional web developer, most of the text is his, all I did were a couple edits, and pictures (yes, that is my thumb.)

come check out: http://slickrock.io

A submission by Nico for Make games. 143

Just checking in, sorry still no game work, but checked my github streak and I'm actually at the longest dev streak I've ever had, working on this website. I'm nearing release, mainly just need to buy a prepaid credit card so I can purchase a domain name, then I'll do another post here, for now, if anyone is interested in checking out: https://aqueous-basin.herokuapp.com/ , I would be greatly appreciative as I just mocked up the homepage this evening and haven't had feedback on it yet. As for the actual chatrooms, you'll notice the stated main room is pretty empty, this is as currently all the users chat in a founders room which will be made private on release.

Note: I have yet to get permission from Leaf if I may use that screenshot of streakclub, I will not release the site with that image unless I hear that it is ok. (also currently using gfycat's wordlists and need to email them)

A submission by Nico for Make games. 125

Ok, so, I'm really sorry I'm posting this without any game work done, but I really want to show off. Try out the chat again at: https://aqueous-basin.herokuapp.com/streakclub

Here's a picture if you're too lazy:

A submission by Nico for Make games. 123

Tiny bit of game planning:/ but more chat features...

A submission by Nico for Make games. 118

Started work on an enemy that'll hopefully be kind of a jumpy thing, where it'll jump up to ledges and clamber over to follow you, so I first had to sort out how to actually get it to jump to a specific point, kind of confused why this actually works right now but it seems to mostly work...so yeah, bleh.

A submission by Nico for Make games. 117

Started blocking together the base of hopefully the next enemy, and made it so plants respond to movement by any object with physics applied to it.

A submission by Nico for Make games. 116

So I did work yesterday, and I'll request a late submission link, I did a bunch of debugging to sort out why I had broke my game, and found a small issue in the engine I use (fixed now) that had caused big, hard to find damage in my game.

Today I refactored the players collision component into something that all complex moving entities can use, with no reliance on other player code:D

A submission by Nico for Make games. 115

Made game run again, found bug in engine.

A submission by Nico for Make games. 114

So, haven't been posting here as I haven't done any work on the game, but I have done quite a lot on my little chat thing, its no longer really URL based, which is kinda sad, as it was kinda cool and unique, but now it has some nice things, like while still being anonymous, you can see when the person talking changes, give it a try: https://aqueous-basin-8995.herokuapp.com/chat

(btw, big bug right now, please don't add an ending slash when you type in the URL for that page.)

A submission by Nico for Make games. 108

Fixed some bugs in HTA, also fixed the fact you could put any html right into that chat, but I kinda liked the formatting so I wrote a quick BBCode parser (just [img] [b] and [i] for now): https://aqueous-basin-8995.herokuapp.com/chat

I also made it fully persistent, acidentally deleted history a couple times but it should stay now.

A submission by Nico for Make games. 107

Fixed a couple bugs, been bad, playing with dynamic websites using Nodejs (with a cool haxe library) instead of gamedev, I always get sucked into stuff like this, especially if I've never tried it before:/

Super super hacky html-only(literally refreshes the page every 3 seconds, and has to have logic so the scrolling doesn't reset when it does that ahahaha) anonymous chat client: https://aqueous-basin-8995.herokuapp.com/chat

A submission by Nico for Make games. 105

Some more anemone work, looks like I may need to add to the physics sim, as currently I'm really needing to bend my use of programmable forces just to shape the anemone, and if I use too much it'll break down so I have to be subtle, think instead I need programmable gravity direction, to achieve similar results without breaking down.

A submission by Nico for Make games. 103

Started working on an anemone creature, that will be made out of the Plant physics pieces, its interesting as it got me to use both the skinning functions in a way I hadn't thought of: apply a small force depending on position to give a rounded shape, while still acting like a normal plant pole, and a haxe feature I've never used: binding a value to a function, so I can pass extra info to the skinning function without Plant class needing to know about that info beforehand. Basically what it means is instead of passing a function that takes 4 arguments, all of which it is fed by the skinning code, I create a function with 5 parameters, and bind a value to it beforehand, and the skinning code still sees only 4 arguments, and doesn't complain.

A submission by Nico for Make games. 101

Toyed around for under 10 minutes with plants:/

A submission by Nico for Make games. 100

Added more options to skinning, see: the tigsource devlog for some hopefully interesting info, but if not heres a gif from it:

A submission by Nico for Make games. 99

Played with networking a bit for fun, and messed with plant physics to try a less underwatery feeling one.

A submission by Nico for Make games. 97

Took me an hour and a half, but HtA now runs on the newest version of luxe(:

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