Submissions from 2015-05-25 to 2015-05-26 (6 total)

A submission for Make games. 121

My first GearVR experiment, and my first actual attempt to make a real project w/ unity.

I almost forgot about keeping up my streak today! Glad I have my phone yell at me every hour to submit.

I went back to the alien frog game (for which i still need a title ugh), and worked on that new trap i was stuck on.

For Trigger Rally, I created some fake brands to put on car textures as pretend-sponsors.

So I continue my little game and the player can move now. But it's not exactly what I need, so I will update that.

I started some collisions work but not all tiles are working with them actually. Need updates too.

I did it!

Well it's quite a weird thing in the end, but I explored some stuff I wanted to use in other games too, and that was the first time I used Harlowe/Twinescript, so that was nice!