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Well, I was going to get a lot done tonight, but then I found out my cousin was in town from out of state, so instead I mostly looked at code without changing anything and hung out with him. These really short posts make me feel like I'm sort of cheating at keeping a streak going, but I guess it keeps the game in mind, so I remember to keep working on it. Even if I don't get anything done...

A submission for Make games. 111

MyBacklog - the march forward continues!

I'm nearly done with data conversions now. I've created a separate json file that stores the information about your game library that only makes sense to have local, rather than synced to the server. Currently, the only information here, is a list of files associated with the game. And to be even more specific, there is only one file in the list, which is either the exe to launch the game, or the rom file in the case of emulated games.

I've also done a little bit of refactoring, and fixed numerous bugs (yes, there were still some bugs that sent me into nervous fits about whether my data was safe or not).

Almost everything left that I would want to do to the data could be handled by adding fields, which is a much less dangerous operation. I could add a tags system, or do other interesting things, but I think I'm going to call the current data format final. Baring any bugs I find.

Remaining tasks lie in user interface (editing games is pretty off, and there are big features missing), networking (syncing the game information across devices is pretty important), and integrations (humble isn't quite there, I'd like to add and desura, and being able to upload to other tools like backloggery or howlongtobeat would be cool to at least get started).

The data format SUPPORTS having one entry of a game that shows what stores it was purchased from, over the current layout of each store purchase being a separate copy of the game. I am not sure if I want to actually create code that handles and creates these unified entries however. It's definitely cleaner from a user perspective (do I have this game? oh yes I do, and look I bought it from gog and steam) - but I'm not sure if it's enough of a convenience to bend over backwards to make it happen. I think this is something I'm going to put in the future bucket :P

I leave y'all with a gif showing real time search of my library, and a frivolous but fun total time played counter, which sums up the time for the games in the search. You can see I am a big Assassin's Creed fan, playing the series collectively for roughly 11 days! This is not including the first 2 games, that I played previously outside of time tracking systems (steam or otherwise). Creed III is the longest so far, and I'm almost done with Unity - it's 42 hours is never going to hit 3's 72. III is actually my favorite of the series... despite some of it's problems. I think I am pretty alone there! Titles in green I have marked as "finished".

Super tired today, I only started a tiny program for gameboy that doesn’t do anything yet.

I refactored the editor so that it would work in run mode. I started working on layers and tile-picking, but that's too buggy to show.

Happy weekend everyone!

A submission for Make games. 111

Refactored the HUD class. Partially fixed a bug related to camera size.

So I'm getting closer to where I want to be with Luxe and in particular shaders. Working off of the great lesson here I got some dynamic lighting with normal maps working.

On a sad note, I think I'm going to break my One Game a Week streak since it is Friday and I haven't even started yet...

Heh... Not so much work this week on games, but I think I'm gonna use the #PDJam to make a Twine game about The Double.