Ashedragon7 years ago

@Xav Though the software doesn't matter, only the composer and his or her skills using that software, I used Studio One Pro 3 and a free plugin called Edirol Orchestral. Thanks for your nice words!

Xav7 years ago

Hi Ashedragon,

Very nice composition! I am impressed by the quality of your sound. Could you please tell me which software you use to craft those piece of music?

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I can't make anything at all and it's driving me crazy.

I couldn't finish it, but this is some derping around with the GENNY VST.

I tried to make a pre-final boss theme. It's terrible.

Some unfinished chiptunes.

Practicing harmony and chord progressions.

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I tried to make something outside of my "style" and with a different "process" and this is the result I guess...

I tried to make a swamp track... I completely failed. Then I decided to just finish it anyways!

You get a crappy piano impromptu.

I've just used Soundfonts recently and I've neglected my VSTs. I decided to play around with Miroslav Philharmonik and I made a short loop.

I started doing a remake of Goblin Fort from Shining Soul 2, but the chords man. @_@ For my first remake (for practice), it might not have been the best starting point considering it had so much noise/artifacting due to the low quality so I can't even really hear what's going on properly, but oh well! I made some decent progress and I'm relatively proud of that.

But instead of that I'm going to post something entirely unrelated! kbye

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