Submissions by Stephan tagged mountains

Another try at a Death Trash travel map. Less compact, this time.

"See? They are down there at the ruins." - "Nooo... yes... but... I want to stay with you."

Tried another brush, but I don't really like the result. (I don't blame the brush for it.)

Another level concept for DeathTrash. The people are just there for the scale.

I'm prototyping how the levels for this game will be built. I like the rough hand-pixeled look, so I'll try completely handmade levels. I assume the final game will have a mix of different techniques.

Also made a very rough gif of the current dialogue interface.

Not happy with the composition. That entrance is too far to the left, that city could be lower, maybe too much stuff in the front...

But no time to fix it.

He wanted his house at a peaceful location with a nice view. Didn't matter to him that getting supplies up there took up all his free time.

Some random landscape I tried with a few mistakes, I think: Separation of foreground and middleground could be better, the castle is kind of wrong, the mountains in the background are a bit weak. But no time nor energy to fix them.

She's taking a rest. Walking the stony path does take a toll.