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Practice observing your thoughts, without judging them. Creating a distance between your mind and your self is solution to many anxieties and stress.

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I've never been very good at meditation, but I want to try to do it more often this year. I'd like to see how long I can manage without losing focus

Day 8/30

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Had a good day at the beach. Today, I did ~20 mins mindful body scanning, comprised of 2 guided meditations. It was amazing! I think the added sensations from the beach (warm ocean breeze and damp sand beneath my feet) made these meditations extra wonderful!

I wish there was late submit for this streak. I've been posting everyday in my facebook challenge group. I am so proud of myself for coming this far and I hope to keep up the good work! I've already learned so much about myself.

day 3/30

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Today is my third day of daily meditation. I started a meditation challenge with a group of friends. My goal is to meditate at least 10 mins a day, everyday, for the next 27 days. Hoping the habit will stick.

I have really been enjoying the Insight Timer app. The guided practice has been helpful for me, but I also really like the ability to see how many others were logged-in, meditating at the same time. Last night, I was notified that I had meditated with more than 700 others! Pretty neat, eh?

The first couple days, I listened to a guided practice by Eckart, but today at lunch I tried a new narrator. Didn't really enjoy it as much. It centered on the breath, which I have trouble connecting with, as far as sensory home-bases go. Towards the end of the narration, the speaker explains that there are other home-bases that might be more effective, and I was left feeling inspired to seek these out.

At my desk

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It has become harder and harder to hide my grief at work. My mother passed away 3 weeks ago and it seems pretty much expected that I should be back to normal by now. After lunch i had one of those moments where I read something that reminded me and i felt an incredible pain and urge to cry. For a few moments, I concentrated on observing the pain I felt and the thoughts that were causing this physical manifestation. I let them wash over me. I felt the tears in my eyes, but tried to distance myself from joining with the mind.

This isnt mindfulness, but...This afternoon, during my evening commute, I practiced being in the present as I rode my bike to the train. I felt the wind in my hair, heard the song playing in my headphones, felt the perspiration on my chest and the way that my body shook when I rode over bumps in the pavement, and saw the crepe myrtles swaying in the wind. It only lasted for a few moments. I will continue to try each day, in the hope that I can extend my focus.

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A short session today - 20 minutes. Although I must say the progress is astonishing considering the fact that it's been only 3 days since I started meditating. Background music

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Another ~25-minute meditation session. I can already feel improvement in my focusing ability. Today's special soundtrack was Rainy Mood - if you love the rain as much as I do it's a must try for you.

A submission for Meditate 96

Been long time since my last meditation. I've lost my focus almost completely. Somehow I managed to meditate for about 25 minutes today and I must say... it was a great experience. As always, while meditating I was also listening to music. Today it was Nordic ambient. I don't recommend it though because it has some jumpy moments that can break your focus. Keep calm and meditate guys!

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