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Another weird track. I was busy this week and could only start on Sunday morning. I had a riff, this was supposed to start as a stoner track, but then it went out and morphed, as I kept adding layers of noisy synths and textures.

This bears only a minimal resemblance to the original draft. There are a few sounds I like in this track, but I think it would deserve to be kept in the fridge for some time, and then be taken out and worked on again in the future. It might morph again.

After a few iterations, who knows, I might get a butterfly.

Here's a speedtrash. This started as a slightly funky track with bass and drums and then took a weird turn at a dimly lit crossroad into industrial/electro territory.
The core is around the bass, with only one take per riff, which explains the mistakes, the creatively inaccurate rhythm and just general amateurish sound.

I could use the excuse that I started a new job, was busy, was thinking of something else. But the truth is that I'm just lazy. Alright, will do better next time.

I also realized my numbering in my filenames is off by a week. Oh well.