I think there is an interesting idea in this track but unfortunately, It's only about 40% done. This is as far as i'll go this week, a track is a track.

Kedbreak1361 year ago

@Aletheia Thank you! :)

Aletheia1 year ago


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Last track of the year! I went back to good old breakbeats and glitch!

For those who join on Weekly Beats 2024, see you there! :)
For the others, hope to see you around!

The title is from reading Max Tegmark's Mathematical Universe. Where science is more mind blowing than the wildest SF.

Not unhappy about this track, which goes into weird wild directions.

I am changing a bit my workflow to reignite inspiration. I decided to start finding some riff on guitar and build from there. I kinda like the result, and I like that it was a fresh approach for me.

By the way, unfortunately, no - large sauropods could not whip their tail at supersonic speed, even though some paper of 1997 claimed they could. This is fortunate, as the aforementioned tail would have snapped. Have no doubt though that a good tail whip could still hurt unreasonably well.

Latest paper about this important subject

I was pretty good this week at finding good excuses not to work on a track. I spent a grand 44 minutes on this one, and it does feel like it. Ok, especially for the upcoming Weekly Beats 2024, I need to get back to start a track early in the week, put more love and inspiration in it rather than a quickly produced simple track.

This started as a music about mazes, then kinda went into trip-hop territory before going back synthwave. A dog cannot be a cat, however hard they try.

A baroque vibe for this track inspired by Castlevania. I ran out of time and could not really clean up this track. The structure and the mixes are pretty raw. It's missing some frequencies here and there, some transitions are abrupt. But hey, time's up for me this week.

Synthwave + electric guitars + fx samples! Kinda inspired by the anime Akira, but not really at the same time.

I had to scratch that metal itch.

An Halloween themed track for this week.

A rather lazy track but at least thematically appropriate for the season.

Ok back on my feet and with my DAW. I worked on this track this Saturday mainly. It would fare better with a few more hours of work. I think it's like 70% done of where I'd like a track to be, but i kinda already enjoy it more than a lot of tracks i have done over the past few months.

This is only a recording of ambient sound. Last week, my father passed away. I recorded quickly the Silence track of last week, before going to take my plane to bury him.

One week later, the aftermath. Time to go back home. I am sitting a last time in the calm aftermath recording the sound of that final night, as life seems to continue, even though the silence now sounds a bit different. Time to go home.

Silence - the aftermath.m4a1mb

I started the track on Saturday morning. I wanted to first try out making a set of percussions using FPC, and setting a wide panning of the different instruments. The percussions ended up being a set of traditional sounds, so it felt appropriate to dig into my Native Instruments library for a set of traditional instruments. I went for the middle eastern package, and used the Oud (a guitar like instrument) and the Zurna (a type of flute). I have a great love for the complex harmonies and rhythms of middle eastern music! This started reminding me of the band Secret Chiefs 3, so I went in and dug some electronic samples and arps to get into that. Some additional vocal samples, shake it, 30 minutes in the oven, and here you go.

Back on my computer, for a nostalgic and moody track. Not very happy with the violin part (it's off here and there) and this track would benefit from some additional work

I am at an airport waiting for my plane so I recorded this filler of a track, using a drum, simple synth and a recording of the waves on the Mediterranean Sea.


This week I was in a hurry so I gave myself a hard constraint - 45 minutes to start a track from scratch and upload it. This was a fun experiment. No time to think, embracing absolute randomness.


More a teaser, or a sketch of an idea. There could be something interesting there if I dedicated more time to it.

I was out on vacation in Hokkaido. No computer, just my phone with GarageBand (which I really cannot use yet) - doing lots of field recordings and using that. Not a great track musically, it’s more like a blurry Polaroid of a brief instant.

Hokkaido .m4a1mb

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