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There was a new trailer for Street Fighter VI! I got inspired by the vibe of the trailer and especially of Lily, who is the daughter of T Hawk from Street Fighter 2. Anyway, I went for a rainforest/latin america vibe, with more exercises and practice for horns! I am kinda happy for this one. Also it features parrots. You can never go wrong with parrots.

This is another exercise of me trying to learn composing and mixing horns. I am slightly getting better but there is still a lot of work to do! I have just discovered how to use Gross beat after I don't know how many years of using FL studio... Watching people create and mix on youtube is always fascinating as you discover different stuff that might be just obvious! So here I used Gross beat to do some scratching on vocals to keep the track kinda interesting.

I love brass and horns and have always wanted to recapture the magic of 70s motown. There are also some fantastic Japanese music featuring outstanding horns like Tank! from the Cowboy bebop soundtrack. But I have always struggled making horns sound good when using VSTs. This track is an exercise trying things out, layering horns one octave apart, having a track of staccato horn on top of a vibrato horn, etc.

There are things I like about this track but it's still a bit rough. It is missing something. Some transitions are very abrupt, and the rhythm in some sections is a bit approximative. But I feel I learnt a couple of things with horns, so missing accomplished!

Happy year of the Rabbit everyone!

I worked on a few different ideas this week but, for some reason, they did not seem to find their place. I ended up starting from scratch and going for a speedtrash. It's a short silly track with real bass and guitar for a change, and a lot of samples from Splice. I hesitated adding a sheep sample as well and it finally did not make it into the track. I keep it for the time I'll do a scottish disco track with bagpipe and sheeps.

Alright, I'll try harder next week.