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following junichiro horikawa youtube tutorials. dont think theres a better way to learn procedural than this... he has a whole series on VEX in houdini.... blender will take another ~3yrs (made up number) to catch up to houdini for procedural... houdini only good procedural graphics software for 3d atm afaik.... horikawa has a playlist of 26 vids with length of about ~50 hrs on VEX in houdini

im getting closer to halfway through this 50 hours... this n word not english native speaker so can speed video speed up to 1.25x to make it what... 40 hrs... and then my advice for how i learn from youtube is to have either 2 screen, or 1 screen. and have youtube vid on left half and copy every single action into your own houdini program as you go. often pausing the video and pressing left-arrow-key to rewind time by 5 seconds. this means the 40hr of content will take maybe a total of 50-80 hr depending how much u want. but i cant recommend junichiro content enough... i am only amateur at procedural but he really showing me a lot of ways to make fundamental building blocks of how VEX work in houdini... like i said.. blender not there yet for procedural for another few yr... then blender probably overtake houdini but u gotta know houdini for procedural for next at least 2 yrs in my noob opinion and no one gonna show it better than junichiro. he then has around ~250 hr of livestreams on youtube, divided into 2hr streams where in each stream he'll recreate some 3d graphics implementation of algorithm.

i think along with choosing some of these might need to learn some python->houdini, python also has implementation in blender but python->houdini + VEX looks pretty good to me... future of 3d graphics is prob largely procedural and no one do it better than houdini and junichiro san so jump on this hype train today... i am noob this is financial advice. most u guys probably into 2d. i dont know if theres much interesting work to be done in 2d with procedural... prob not... this more for 3d hype train

Everyone else seems to be drawing some form of figure drawing, so I felt peer-pressured. Did a few 60s and a few 120s