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First time doing these types of perspective poses. Used this as reference:

(Thank you for the site recommendation Leaf )

A submission for Daily Art Club

who am i?! what am i?!

A submission for Daily Art Club

And now that I have time again, back to constructing lines.

im going to start doing music posts on a different streak, if you want to listen to emo trap bangers u can find me on daily music dump probably. ive uploaded a source code of the input system im working on for electronic music. if you check my last post the link is in the comments. im not using it yet... it takes say ~200-500(?) hours muscle memory training game to learn an input system like that so idk if you really want to waste your time trying.... but yeah... maybe ill keep working on it and have a video of it working in a month or 6, dont know. maybe if you like the idea of the input system you can build something for your own needs. its just basic autohotkey script. wouldnt take long to learn how it works. maybe. but input systems like that can become enormous time-sinks. maybe in a month or 6 i should have video of it working at speed. and properly explain how it works in video format. dont know. so its just sneak peek for now i guess. input chains like that can be used for visual art as well. pixel art. bezier curves. changing color using CMYK color format. maybe something with blender/houdini scripting and low poly. whatever. i havent built any of that. ill probably do a pixel art inputter eventually. im hesitant to say what kind of 'speed increase' such input systems offer. depends how well you design the input system... and then it depends per artist. one artist might use an input system like this and get no real speed increase... another artist might get 5x faster electronic music input. you kind of have to always be adding your own macros to the system and then learning the muscle memory for what you just added... always changing the system. the input system should never really be 'finished'... youre always going to be adding functions that you find yourself reaching for over and over again. so you have to be a programmer pretty much... and you have to be an artist as well... input system isnt a silver bullet... just allows some things in the computer to be done a lot faster than regular input, maybe. but some things wont be faster than just using the normal tools like mouse and keyboard and midi clips automation etc... might be the same speed for some things. also because im a programming noob and i just built the system for spamming mouse movements and keystrokes into the ableton window... its probably always going to be somewhat a buggy piece of shit... so yea its unlikely that ill move the system into actually solid programming with a DAW that has exposed data parameters etc.

actually what im mostly interested in at the moment with the input system is just using randomizers... so having loads of different randomizer functions with parameters that can be input. i think this is one of the more interesting aspects of input system. so having a few keyboard presses that select a random snare drum sample to use, then a few presses to generate a random pre-selected chord progression midi is inputted on e.g. a melodic instrument track, then you can react to whatever the computer generates and edit that, then add some more random stuff... mostly just adding random instruments from pre-selected banks seems good.... it is kind of a chore to manually select instruments every time and the randomness can allow happy accidents. im not talking about randomly generating entire melodies... that seems kind of boring to me. just small randomizer things to get a track started off. randomize bpm, random key selector... i guess just those things

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