Submissions from 2018-01-21 to 2018-01-22 (21 total)

My daily art today was a mash up of audio, pixel art, lighting, and timing work.

My interview is on Tuesday. I'm going to continue to sure up my knowledge in preparation. Also, I finally got 100 figures done again! It's been 60 days since I last managed this.

I tried to make a non sharp rock but it looks bad. I ran out of time today and am gonna try a lot harder to start earlier in the day.

This seems to be way better than yesterday's lackluster effort. Still not quite sure how to make characters look good in 32x32 format

A submission for Daily Art

Still exercising with Draw a Box.

Finished exercise 1 and started exercise 2.

30 min - 15 min. Original: Photo reference from internet

reference image: charles miano, reaching out

this one's a bit political, sorry