Submissions from 2021-08-02 to 2021-08-09 (12 total)

Done in hardware, started off as an attempt to learn Metropolix to make more melodic stuff and ended up with extremely atonal and ambient crazy sounds that are chaotic and muffled!

This was streamed.

I had two other tracks I made this week but I wasn't very sure about them. Then I saw that today is the 8th of the 8th month, a New Moon as well and sort of the middle point of the year. Thus why not make one of my ritualistic styled pieces again? Very few notes, it's all about the texture and hypnotic repeating, I used acoustic guitar, electric bass, panflute, percussion and ritual drum samples. I got very interested in the concept of accelerating tempo so this is what I went for.

There are some recording quirks and little distortions, I went for quick inspiration takes instead of loading the template with compressors and proper levels.

A submission for Weekly Music 2021 31

Something peaceful, as I felt as much lately. It translated to this.

Another weird track. I was busy this week and could only start on Sunday morning. I had a riff, this was supposed to start as a stoner track, but then it went out and morphed, as I kept adding layers of noisy synths and textures.

This bears only a minimal resemblance to the original draft. There are a few sounds I like in this track, but I think it would deserve to be kept in the fridge for some time, and then be taken out and worked on again in the future. It might morph again.

After a few iterations, who knows, I might get a butterfly.

not sure if i like this or not

just so we're clear
we're already here
and you want to head back

so overwhelmed,
you lie on the ground
let the bugs crawl all over your hands now

i know these things can't control me forever
it can be hard to bear with me
i know these things can't control me forever
i know it's not fair for you or me

it's hard to hear your advice
how do you even think i've been trying?

( i also re-recorded "sunset song" from 2 weeks ago, forgot to share it: )

Tried for something heavier this week. This was one of my more solid attempts, but it wasn't quite as heavy as I wanted. NEEDS MOAR BASS

I think the mixing turned out pretty well on this one, but let me know if y'all have any feedback on it. I'm really trying to step up my mixing game.

Finally settled into my new place so am making tunes again. Started off with this hardcore rave tune I made for an informal competition on Youtube. Great fun to do actually, going for a 1990/1991 style slower heavier break jam.

Week one of three of making music on various bedtables and kitchen counters during family holidays. Four tracks of Digitone loosely put together in Ableton. Let's pack the gear again and move on to next week.

Still having fun with the Caustic app on Android. Made this one on the go while moving, no time to mix and finish it properly. Caustic is really nice, but I've only scratched the surface.

Last week's piece required quite a bit of arrangement, so to get myself back on track for this week, I opted to improvise with pedal steel and my eight-delay Max/MSP patch. A few weeks ago, I added FFT pitch shift to the patch, and 50% blend of one-fifth down is very satisfying. So there's a lot of that here

The signal chain going in is pedal steel > Balls Effects KWB (a fuzz/boost), Vox Wah, and Moyo passive volume. Inside the patch, there's the FFT, a VST of AudioThing Reels, the delay lines, a send to a VST of AudioThing Motor, auto-pan, and convolution reverb (Huddersfield Town Hall) on the output.

The eight delay lines were set to different lengths, but they were related by calculating 12-part increments from a base of 15.5 seconds.

To keep things from becoming too austere, I added yet another convolution reverb (Fort Worden Cistern) in Live, and put Full Chain multi-band eq/compression on the output.

The title comes from 83 being a safe prime.