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I was inspired this week to write some stuff in weird time signatures and decided to finish strong with two songs (plus I had the week off, so I had the spare time :)).

I ended up really liking both of these. The main riff of The Squeaker was supposed to be 7/4 but it ended up actually sounding more like 5/4 in the guitar part, so the drums just end up sounding weirdly syncopated (which I liked). After writing most of that one, I decided I really wanted something in 7/4, and had an idea for one that I turned into Clocked. I think I'll revisit it in the future.

Posting every week by the deadline was great motivation that helped me to push through even when the song was feeling rough. I learned so much through the year, and even though I've still got a ways to go, I'm much happier with my songwriting abilities now. (Mixing is still a bit rough, but eh, I'll probably take some lessons this year to remedy that.)

It was a lot of fun seeing the stuff other folks worked on every week and I definitely picked up several tricks here. Hope y'all have a good new year full of plenty of composing :)

The pain. The fury. The sweat. Man vs the Thing.

For this one, I brought together most of the techniques and plugins I've accumulated over the last couple of months to put it together. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I didn't have any trouble writing it either, it just kinda popped out :)

Totally not a ripoff of bits and pieces from "Encroaching fear" from FFXV, "Tension" from Persona 5, and "Castle theme" from Mario Bros Wii... :P

I was playing a lot of persona 5 this week and was inspired by the sparser style of music that plays in the background for most of the game. I kinda like how this one turned out overall, but I think some of my choices for the percussion could have been better.

Went a totally different direction and wrote something entirely orchestral this week. No guitar at all :(

I dunno, but I kinda like this one :)

Tried for something heavier this week. This was one of my more solid attempts, but it wasn't quite as heavy as I wanted. NEEDS MOAR BASS

I think the mixing turned out pretty well on this one, but let me know if y'all have any feedback on it. I'm really trying to step up my mixing game.

A submission for Weekly Music 2021 22

Actually wrote something atmospheric this week :)

I feel like some of the elements (particularly the percussion loop) might have been a bit too repetitive, but I tried to add some variation throughout the song to keep things interesting.