Submissions from 2021-06-28 to 2021-07-05 (10 total)

A bit of a Frankensteined piece. I had some ideas for individual riffs but it's basically glued together without a clear vibe/goal...

A submission for Weekly Music 2021 26

Legit not sure what this is but ok.

I spent most of the week away from home and didn’t want to bring more than my laptop to work on. This means I had to come up with something in a very limited time using Ableton only, which is a first for me.
Nothing much to say about this attempt at making music. I check this week’s box and keep on moving. We’re halfway through 2021!

I have been meaning of working on this track based on the short story by a friend. As this is based on a traditional Japanese folk story, I experimented with taikos, shamisen and flutes. My conclusion for now is that I need to listen to more Shamisen based music to get the scales and feeling right. Now i end up programming pentatonic scales on shamisen, which is all wrong. :)

Done in FL studio, using FLEX, lots of samples from Splice and a shamisen soundfont.

We're halfway through the year! Let's keep on composing!

This is another take at the instrumental pseudo-metal style I occasionally try. Still with the same improvising and looping techniques I've been experimenting with: the distorted guitar part is a single take with a new Marshall-inspired amp, followed by the bass guitar part, clean guitar inserts, drums (midi files played by Beathawk Acoustic Drums) and some subtle choir addition (also Beathawk) plus a synth lead solo (Arturia MicroFreak).

Continuing on last week's experiment with orchestral samples, I went back to the Philarmonia orchestral samples and tried to make a song using only percussion samples. This was pretty fun, but it's more like a musical experiment then a song once again. All done on the Polyend Tracker. I've had really disrupted sleep cycles for a few weeks, I probably lacked the energy to compose something more polished. Let's see what comes next week.

doubling down on my early 90s industrial vibe experiment. this one is a riff on a Robert Frost piece.

I didn't begin this one until Saturday evening, with a sense of doing something sparse--a bit like Bark Psychosis, though this did end up going in another direction. Having checked out a few Ableton Loop sessions, I also thought to use the clip-level probability interface for the drums and keys--in these cases, usually the first beat is at 100%, but subsequent notes were at 75-80% probability.

Drums are Ableton's 64 Pad Kit Special, with a bit of Max Humanizer, and sends to convolution reverbs.

Bass is the usual 80s Epiphone Embassy II, with some EQ-8 low-end rolloff, and sends to the reverbs for air.

The keyboard is LABS soft piano, with Auto-Pan and a send to an Echo plugin.

Guitars are 2008 Danelectro baritone on both pickups, with inline high-pass Auto-Filter with drive, and sends to the reverbs.

The title comes from the fact that this is week 78 since the beginning of 2020, so...78 rpm records came to mind.

Happy halfway-point!

A Eurorack jam. I spent a lot of time with the Metropolix on this one and came across tons and tons of bad takes. I streamed much of it today, but I ended up with a few technical problems and a lot of moments of bad inspiration.

Hope you like it, it's pretty much like a dark techno-y song.