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I have been meaning of working on this track based on the short story by a friend. As this is based on a traditional Japanese folk story, I experimented with taikos, shamisen and flutes. My conclusion for now is that I need to listen to more Shamisen based music to get the scales and feeling right. Now i end up programming pentatonic scales on shamisen, which is all wrong. :)

Done in FL studio, using FLEX, lots of samples from Splice and a shamisen soundfont.

We're halfway through the year! Let's keep on composing!

I started a few tracks this week, including but not limited to a disco track with bagpipes and a rock track about stupidly inebriated evenings but in the end nothing really motivated me so I was playing around with samples on Saturday morning. I enjoyed the combination of drum n bass like staccato drums and guzheng and shamisen. I have used that in quite a few tracks last year during weekly beats, but hey I think it deserves more investigations and experiences!

So this is a track mainly built around guzheng/shamisen/traditional Japanese singing and then aphex twin like drum patterns. There is some neuro bass there. I wanted some more low ends but did not find the right sound and ran out of time. It's still raw, it's a draft but i kinda like it. This is one track i'd need to go back to and plunder for bits and ideas. The structure is a bit simple and would benefit from some variation as the end is really just a repeat of a previous section.

Done in FL Studio, featuring samples from Splice. I played with risers - from inverted toms to piano chords rendered as audio and inverted.