Submissions by Aletheia tagged instrumental

This is another take at the instrumental pseudo-metal style I occasionally try. Still with the same improvising and looping techniques I've been experimenting with: the distorted guitar part is a single take with a new Marshall-inspired amp, followed by the bass guitar part, clean guitar inserts, drums (midi files played by Beathawk Acoustic Drums) and some subtle choir addition (also Beathawk) plus a synth lead solo (Arturia MicroFreak).

Continuing the post-rock exploration, further refinements based on suggestions from here (thanks!). The distorted guitar has less crunch and a bit more patterns for the drums (although still didn't get enough time to work on them), trying to get more thematic content despite the fully improvised manner. The key is B minor.

Continuing the post-rock impression I've played with integrating better switching from clean to distorted parts by changing the fading out time of the overdub on the loop.

As I said before I do my guitars in a single improvised take using looping, a sort of a challenge I took to overcome composing difficulties. In this case I set off an empty 8 bar loop and as it was going I dynamically adjusted the fade out time to better single out sections of the track.

There are still some glitches, especially towards the beginning, but still I like the result and how the technique develops.

A change of texture this week as I returned to the first instrument I learned, the electric guitar. Many years ago I did a song based on a harmonic minor riff which I now (kind of) revisited. Back then I was in the painstaking composing rut, and I know it took a lot to create that song, many edits and re-takes... and probably I still wasn't too happy with it.

This is why I took the beginning riff and started a new improv in my current style, just feeling free and improvising alongside a looper. The drums are coming from Rock Drum Machine on the iPad and the synth is the Arturia MicroFreak (which also provides the bass, would you believe it's not a real one?). There's also a bit of 12 string acoustic.

Similar style with the previous weeks: acoustic 12 string, droning synth, chants, percussion, panflute. The drums are more complex and present, I actually recorded them in a separate take using custom samples triggered by a Novation Circuit. The tile comes from a need to see past constant limitation and all the perspectives that are being cut away especially in these times.

An unusually high temperature for this month had kept constant in the last days and I've done some work in the garden I would usually do in March or even April. While I know this kind of weather is probably a very bad sign for the environment, I still was very happy for it and did this joyful little tune with very simple elements: a violin (that is in fact played on the GeoShred app so it's an acoustic modelling soft synth), ambient background, bass, drums. There is also a kind of viola or clarinet kind of sound which is in fact another layer of the violin but slowed down to a quarter speed.