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Happy with this one, I hope I mixed the guitars nicely.

Here is a better high quality and mastered version:

I thought what if I try to very quickly make an EP out of the jam session I did earlier this week. I managed to "finish" 4 tracks, but I am only posting the 1st one here for now.

So I decided to experiment with some reverb as a sound design method, and I am quite happy with the results. I mean, of course I should be a lot more tasteful and not drown everything in it but hey this is just the first experiment, please give me a break. :) (Also I think it sounds gooood)

High definition on Soundcloud:

This is the plugin I used:

This was an experiment from January that I did not finish back then. It's really minimalistic and uses a lot of randomness and two PG8X VSTs (you can get it for FREE here: In the end I just added some random drums from Yamaha DTX12M and recorded some minutes of the output.

Lossless here:

I am continuing with experimenting with the generative device I built in Ableton Live (see my previous submission for more info). This time it is the drums (Yamaha DTX Multi 12 with the new custom kits from Yamaha) doing random things as the other instruments are played more or less manually.

I did not spend a lot of time on this track, because I did not want to ruin it by overworking, but now I am quite happy with how it turned out. Also my main laptop is in repairs so I took out my 10y old backup which somehow managed to run Ableton Live 10 with all the bells and (not so many) whistles I like to have.

Find it in full lossless glory on my Soundcloud:

Quick solo on an old loop.

First try with Ableton Push, just a quick jam which I edited down from 50 minutes to 10.