Submissions from 2015-06-22 to 2015-06-23 (6 total)

A submission for Make games. 149


  • added a trigger for when one character loses perception of another - for stealth this could be used to switch back to a patrol route
  • smaller conversation size when you go up to an npc and say "hi", as there are only two speaking characters at that point

Worked on the shmup level editor some more. Decided to ditch iTweenPath for a while, so i can get a very basic thing going, and then i'll add bezier curves back. Pics soon.

A submission for Make games. 149

Hey, just popping in to say almost every empty day on my streak has actually been really productive work toward my site. We are currently in soft-launch, but you guys are welcome to come check it out and hang out. The amazingly professional looking website was done by a friend that I met through the site itself, and turns out to be a professional web developer, most of the text is his, all I did were a couple edits, and pictures (yes, that is my thumb.)

come check out:

A submission for Make games. 149

Nothing exciting today. Began working on the bottom and top tilemaps and fixed some bugs.

Still have to fix some really bad bugs though. When picking up objects the game won't pick the right player sometimes.

A submission for Make games. 149

Did a bit of music/sound programming today. Since the game is heavily based on the music, this is quite important. :Þ

I discovered a bug by doing so, it looks like all the timings are off, fluctuating quite a lot. This is not good at all, I’ll have to investigate on that.