Submissions from 2015-05-22 to 2015-05-23 (6 total)

I started porting my Mass Battle game over to Luxe from HaxeFlixel as another engine exercise. Coding the whole thing in an MCV architecture made most of the port simple. The game logic is set up and I'm close to where I left off in HaxeFlixel after only a half hour converting.

The problem is that I used a couple helper functions in HaxeFlixel that won't work the same in Luxe. I used a TileAtlas for all my images and Tiled to create the levels. Luxe has importers for both those things (I think...) but of course they are undocumented, as the engine is still in Alpha. So I've got to read through the code and figure it all out myself. I'm a little too tired this evening to start that.

So nothing to show, because it is a blank box.

Short post because i'm sick, tired, and working two jobs.

I'm still doing backend stuff. I'm refactoring things so that I don't instantiate one object per tile, but instead draw to a single mesh. I reaaaally wish Unity's new Tilemap system was available already, but I'm still making progress.

Happy Friday ya'll!

Some deliverables tonight...

Have a running exe version of the app, and also managed to figure out how to make an installer (using inno setup). The only issue is users are going to install to a protected folder such as "program files", and storing the data in there is no bueno. I will need to move my data files to appropriate directories.

A submission for Make games. 118

Started work on an enemy that'll hopefully be kind of a jumpy thing, where it'll jump up to ledges and clamber over to follow you, so I first had to sort out how to actually get it to jump to a specific point, kind of confused why this actually works right now but it seems to mostly yeah, bleh.

This is a debug font texture made in Inkscape for the lowpoly open source rally racing game Trigger Rally for feature request 32.

Droid font, the old open source android font (new one is "Robot" and has no monospace version yet).