Submissions from 2015-04-24 to 2015-04-25 (4 total)

I've made lot's of progress on the mgs theme today. There's a lead, pads and a new section of the track! Unfortunately, the power's out tonight due to a storm. Hopefully, it will be fixed by tomorrow so I can show (play?) it off.

Just laying out the groundwork for the village. This was made in Qubicle using its 2D drawing tools. The grey squares are placeholders for buildings and the brown-grey blobs are placeholders for trees.

Moar Gif

A submission for Make games. 90

Progress today: finished implementing the lasers and improved the platform and trap spawning systems.

I've had complains that the game is frustrating because it's hard to see the traps coming. Some possible solutions are:

  • zoom out and increase the visible area
  • add a warning icon when a new trap is about to spawn
  • slow down the game
I really wish I could publish a web build, but since Chrome dropped support and the WebGL build system is completely unusable, a gif will have to do :)

So this is kind of cheating entering the same game for two weeks in a row, but all my development time this week has been taken up with streamlining my Ludum Dare Entry and incorporating the feedback that I've received here and elsewhere. Here is a short list of the differences:

Options menu - You can adjust the length of the debate and the thinking time to make things easier or harder (that was for you @Anja).

Word list - The word list is greatly cut down from 50,000 words to about 5,000. I am a native English speaker and have a fairly extensive vocabulary and I had never seen half of the words before. Younger audiences or individuals who don't speak English as their first language can enjoy the absurdity of the debate more if they know what the words mean (Thanks for pointing this out @Stephan) Plus, I enjoy it more with the change also.

Game speed - I eliminated some of the prompts and the messages that didn't add anything to the game but did slow it down. I also reduced the default number of rounds to 6 from 10 (although you can move it back up again if you want in the options menu). Each debate takes less than half the time that it used to.

You can play the new version here.