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I finished the music system, and music now plays while playing the game. None of it's polished mind you, but that will come later. The only thing that worries me, is that music is currently a component. Meaning, for a music track to play, it needs to be attached to some other entity, like a mech, or bullet. This seems odd to me, but maybe I'm just too used to thinking in "objects" because of my job. I suppose I could just make a music entity with the music component attached, and have it switch out tracks as needed, or just attach a music component directly to the player.

Anyway, I haven't finished the sound system yet, as 1) I have no sound effects, and 2) again, I don't know if effects should have their own entities, or get attached to others. Or other option: have a sound component be a collection of given sound effects, which can then be activated by the attached entity as needed. Either way, I'll need some effects to populate the game, before I really get the system working.

While I'm not completely happy with my first music track, at this point I probably need to work on the actual game again, since it hasn't been updated in awhile. So here's the current form of "Hit the Streets", we'll call it version 0.7 for now.

Hit the Streets (125 BPM).ogg1mb

So here's an updated version of the music I demoed last post, along with the pictures I mentioned before. This would be a longer post, but I don't know what else to put, so... yeah.

Hit the Streets (125 BPM).ogg778kb

I've made lot's of progress on the mgs theme today. There's a lead, pads and a new section of the track! Unfortunately, the power's out tonight due to a storm. Hopefully, it will be fixed by tomorrow so I can show (play?) it off.

The right muse is out there, I know it! I have some new musical ideas, which hopefully lead to something good. It's just a bass-line and some drums, but have a listen anyway:

MGS03 (125 BPM).ogg390kb
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So none of these are actually done, but I said I would post music, so I'm gonna post music! Anyway, here's a couple of idea I've thrown together for MGS. I still don't really feel these fit the game's atmosphere, but I think I may not have as clear a concept as I thought.

MGS 00.ogg1mb
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MGS 01.ogg1mb
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MGS 02.ogg992kb
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So I've done a couple of simple tracks for the teams I'm helping this Ludum Dare. I was originally going to make a game myself, but a bunch of people I know were attempting LD as well, and I'm the only one with any kind of musical know-how, so I decided I would just help them out with music and stuff. I would post the tracks, but they're on my laptop and still unrendered, so music downloads will have to wait until tomorrow.

In other news, I finally have a solid idea going for my MGS theme, so I can continue that as well.

So I've been working on a game for Ludum Dare, which has taken most of time today (and probably tomorrow), but I have been working on music! Hopefully, this will kick-start my creativity so I can finish a track for Mecha Gunbuster Squad (the game I'm making for the streak).

Music things are not working as quickly as I would have liked, so no file yet. Plus, I'm attempting Ludum Dare this weekend, so updates may slow to a crawl for the next few days.

Been working on music for MGS, though I haven't added any systems to actually play it yet. The track's not really in a renderable state yet, so I'll probably post it tomorrow.