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Ignore that when the fox walks into the trap his position is wrong :P

Edit: I accidentally left the game running after recording the gif. When I came back to it, I noticed a bird had also landed in my trap. I also made it meat lol. It's cool when our games do unexpected things that we didn't intend for. Well, when those unexpected results make sense anyway.

I am currently drunk, but I want to post!

I have been working on a platformer system!~

Spent some time designing clothes for the main characters, settling on a basic design theme and motif for the general direction I want to take the art. Won't show drawings until they're more finalized as I am a horrible artist.

To talk a little more about the art direction, think a cocktail of early 1900's style with a good infusion of magitech and militaristic design. Mechs and neon lights.

A submission for Make games. 48

Apologies for being MIA, had a massive computer failure and am still in the process of getting stuff set back up, hopefully I can get back to work in the next couple days.

Glad to see everyone kept up with their streaks,


It's been about a month and a half in the making, but here are the character idle animations put together! It's only going to get more complicated from here, as I throw together some more art assets, gather/create a few sounds, and hopefully have some kind of song (although that's the lowest priority right now). But I really do need to get the web page set up... So many things, but so excited!

So today I massively gutted the game to make it conform to MCV standards. It meant breaking up my FlxSprites because they contain all the model data also. I also did a ton of optimization and the new code is smaller and streamlined and much easier to write and modify. Unfortunately I just started putting the view together, so my end result is less than what I finished with yesterday.

I also changed the way that levels are loaded into the game. The old way was extremely manual and the new way can be completely done from in Tiled and is much faster.

I guess the moral of the story is sometimes you have to go backwards before you can go forwards.


A submission for Make games. 48

Tested the second level (The Hallow) for bugs and balancing.