Submissions from 2015-03-04 to 2015-03-05 (7 total)

This is about my game that I have finished several minutes ago that I published using my blog and also its description.

The game is rabbit which wanted to cross a river however the bridge is so thin that it must focus while walking on the bridge. The rabbit can keep focusing if the player keeps finding and choosing the word "focus" (ignoring the uppercase or lowercase) and not choosing its variant of typos.


A submission for Make games. 39

Bug with conversation_end event prevented returning control to erik after intro.

OK, so I got a little distracted by finding tabletop deathmatch:

A submission for Make games. 39

Today I toyed with background stuctures to bring some sense to the floating platforms, I'll show some once its using a better system then just alpha on the existing sprites, looks like crap but it was a quick way to mockup.

Not much today, but I did add some stuff I felt was missing from Mass Warfare.

  • Allow up to 8 players
  • Allow 0 human players
  • Colors shuffle on game start
  • All ships have been reskinned as two races, four colors each with four classes each.

In the next couple of months I'm going to start working on a 2.5D game. I decided to start learning Unity now with the tutorials from the website. So far, so good!

Today I added a short tutorial, did some minor tweaking and released v0.1.0 of Crystal Kingdom. You can try it (Windows version) for free right now: HERE

Feel free to leave any feedback! I hope you enjoy. :)

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