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And also a warming up before I have to active in art again to make my game's art asset.

Finished making a minecraft fanart.

Alex asked a spider mob to make silk armors.

Also, tried to make a piece with bigger dimension without resizing.

Making a fanart of Alex, a female character from minecraft.

Still in progress.

Made facesets again for winners of my raffle in november ago.

Char belongs to https://twitter.com/opedimuet
A prize for winning my raffle in a facebook post.

Giving some love for my old oc, Arubei.

I remember the last time I drew her to train my art skill.

Faceset of my character.

I made it to add more sample for my current faceset commission.

My old character i made very long ago (Not the same character I usually I use in my profile picture, the difference is at the angle of the V-hair).

I wanted to see how it will turn out if I draw it again with my newest style.

Also, what I will choose to be drawn when there are ATs, contest prize, giveaway, etc in the future.

Char belongs to Arika64.

Made as prize for the winner of my raffle in an FB group.

Also, the reason why the prize was a faceset is to test a custom faceset I made for rpg maker engine.

For a contest in dA.

Credit can be checked here.

A fanart of Lunatic Cultist which belongs to Terraria game.

Made to participate in the official forum contest.

Art payment for Arika64 for testing my art commission page before published.

Art request for @Indiean.

Also to train my art skill for my art commission.

A slime girl for someone's request.

I drew using MediBang Paint on android.

At first, it took some time to learn in android environment and using my finger to draw.

In the end, I started to like it.

It's been several days I didn't do art especially I was busy with college stuffs.

Now for a warm up.

Finished a crystal ball.

However, I am still bad on handling sphere stuff..

Made a crystal ball. Still in progress.

Made a tree using LG's QuickMemo application from my mobile phone. I remembered several months I also made some drawing using this application.

In this limited color application, I managed to create a tree using the touch screen.

Wanted to make character posing in pixel art. However, first I need to improve on posing so I chose traditional drawing to practice.

Did it using my pencil and my old draft of thesis. Instead of letting some pages empty, I filled it with creativity... or practice for the most.

Revised my pixel piece I made in June. It was a sword. I felt not satisfied with the result so I revised it.

Also, I included the older piece I made in the left.

Finally finished making the barrel.

Also, I posted the progress for how much it has changed.


I have uploaded the revised version as the 4th picture. Thanks Bobbo for the feedback! :).

Busy playing a game for taking a break so I made a slow progress of barrel.

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