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Practise makes perfect: exercise your writing skills by posting something once a week to your blog / website / Medium or wherever you prefer to publish your thoughts. It doesn't have to be 10000 words or a world-changing insight, just write!

Feel free to share posts, ideas, tips and success stories if your post hits it big time.

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I integrated my portfolio with my jekyll blog today. They now happily coexist at

I will update this with a post aswell some time this week.

Second blog post: Stencils 101!

Still haven't started looking for a theme... I am pretty sure I will build my own by now, it shouldn't bee too hard.

This is going to be my first real shot at a personal blog, ever. You can find it here, alongside the first ever post there. Wish me luck :D

I don't like the default jekyll theme so I will probably look for another one soon... or maybe roll my own to match my portfolio.

I have been blogging this week. The blog posts were about the pixel experiment I did this week including the result. It improved not only my pixel art skill, but also my writing skill, which I will need it in the future especially for game development.

This is about my game that I have finished several minutes ago that I published using my blog and also its description.

The game is rabbit which wanted to cross a river however the bridge is so thin that it must focus while walking on the bridge. The rabbit can keep focusing if the player keeps finding and choosing the word "focus" (ignoring the uppercase or lowercase) and not choosing its variant of typos.

Whoops, missed a few weeks – ack.

New post is up though: The subscription economy

Finally wrote up a quick post about a tool I built the beginning of the year for work:

Super lazy post, but I did spend some time trying to update my iOS blogging workflow, so hopefully I'll be able to post more easily on the go.